My Back story

I was born 1979 in Taunton, Somerset and raised in a small market town in Dorset called Sherborne.

My love for art started at around 4/5 years of age.  I remember my mother telling stories of times I would misbehave in infant school, only wanting to create things out of modelling clay and constantly drawing in lessons.

Some of my earliest memories are that of my grandfather who was a keen amateur artist.  He loved to draw fine detail landscapes, including castles, old churches and suchlike, local to his home.  He would take the time to teach me to draw and I still fondly remember him as an inspiration.  

As a typical somewhat rebellious teenager, I still practiced my art.  I began creating work from my imagination, inspired by the music of the time, or just simply copying album artwork.


At the age of 18, I flew the nest and enrolled in the Army.  This gave me a chance to see the world that maybe I wouldn’t have otherwise known coming from the circumstances I had.  During my time in the military, the foundations of my inspiration came from my experience of the wealthiest and poorest parts of life and examples of simple kindness’s and charity between people.

Ending up in Bristol, I struggled with my mental health suffering with depression with a very low self of steam.  My doctor suggested I concentrate on my art as therapy.  With that in mind I started an art course where my confidence in myself and my art started to be drawn out.  Going on to further study art at University, as well as having my eyes opened to world views different from my own, I found a love for the acrylic medium.  Although I have gone on to experiment with other art styles and techniques such as air-brushing and engraving, it was in fact selling a simple pencil drawing that started me down the path to becoming completely hooked. 

My inspirations

So many people ask what inspires me and what my work is about.
I guess if I was able to put all my influences into a box, it would be the play on private thoughts and emotions, to become less private, and more of a social debate, the mental wellbeing that general life has on us all and then celebrating that. Subjects like love, hate, fear and other emotions, and how history moulds us into the person we have become. Celebrating the before, the during and the after and then showing that to the viewer so that they can relate, celebrate or be in the state of mind that everything is going to be ok and this is life and its just what makes them who they are.
My work is based on my imagination and how I see these links.
All of my past and present interactions with others who tell me their stories, what makes them who they are or what they are feeling at any one given time. Living with or overcoming their weaknesses. What drives them or holds them back. These inspirations can also come from myself and what I’m also thinking or feeling from my past or even the present day.