Monthly update blogs

Hello to all

Thank you first of all for thanking the time to read my new and improved blog page. Please not I’m wanting this to be less formal approach of reading and more of a friendly note, similar to what I used to wright, my a small snippet on my Facebook business account, to enlighten everyone whom wishes to know what I’m up to and how my journey as an artist is going every month. 

However with the out brake of covid 19 and be in lockdown, have kind of left it a little longer than expected mostly because i have been supper busy creating and learning new skills. Using the time affectively from not just tidying up this web site but becoming more focused on areas I wanted to work, create and more so interact socially with other artists and like minded people across the world

I would like to thank all that really supported me and encouraged me not just creatively but also mentally, 

I joined an a creative chat group where we helped each other out, where at one point I was quite low and at them points brought me back up and thought me to believe in myself, 

Also through Networking I managed created friends where, I look forward to doing some really epic projects in the future, such as medium to large group art exhibitions, and incoming the whole build up proses, as well as other areas we may look into the future.

Taking with well established artists not only in the uk but all over the world whom really know there craft and teaching me some areas where I can grow myself. 

Not to mention any names as there be a really long list but I will take this time to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You all have nurtured me in some way and your continued support will not have gone unnoticed.

Other areas where I been creatively, are from working with portraits and really focusing on my skillet as a painter. You may of seen some ok attempts, and really bad ones over the early weeks , and then I gave myself a challenge to speed up the learning proses  and improved my work immensely there after, as if someone flicked a switch. I turned this into a YouTube video and is now live. (All links are below) and now considering on developing this as a workshop for beginners with acrylic paint. I learnt so much in such a short time I believe that as a deputy to share this with others.

Since then I also created two other vibrios on YouTube, from how I pack my small canvases for shipping and another on who I believe are the best on YouTube to follow if you wish to grow as an artist, as well as just good fun where most of us as artists can relate.

I gradually built my self conference up in front of the camera by just recording time laps videos or me just talking about ideas and thoughts and posting it to instagram. I found it less intimidating for a beginner. I could leave it raw, not so much editing to be done, But still able to get my message across.

Sketchbooks and ideas are flowing fast still, and have now started to embark on a new series, called, Unity. This can be such a large area focus, Im splitting it in to different areas at the moment I have produced three paintings of Hope looking at nature and have come out I think something special, 

Drawn upon the movement of black lives matter and where form we have been in a situation of isolation and now within months we as humans have become more united if a common cause and belief, i think there is something poetic about that also you see reflections of that within my latest paintings most likely, my mind has become focused on theses areas of human interaction in the future months ahead, and seeing where this may lead,

The most funniest story I could share with you, is when I went to try and stretch a canvas, it has been originally over 10 years I had done this, and I managed it finally after my 3rd attempt. It was that moment where I thought to my self not once but twice on how silly I was.

I’m also back to making my own traditional gesso, that recipe you could never forget.

Moving away from my art, you are obesely aware there has not been much in the proses with building up my mural side of my creativity, however I did find the time to finish my children’s rooms, I will be taking commissions again on this soon once, Im able to and more so reinsurer clients that all is safe for me to carry out the work

The last but not lest bit of news I got for you is that I’m working with another on trying to get an open air arts trail in Bristol. At the moment there is a lot in artists and general public interest on this and a strong support, but I’m at the trying to obtain permission from the council to be able to do this, and the amount of planning that would need to go in to it,

The event will hopefully take place during August bank holiday weekend in bristol, once perdition is granted we will try and roll this out to go national for all city’s and towns that wish to take part on the same day, the full details for this will be posted in due course.

So what I would like from you guys is, some cretic in my growth, as well as any videos you would like to see me do on you tube, is there anything you wish to learn from me, or wish to show i work please get in touch

My you tube Chanel

Please see the gallery of new works completely so far below and up for sale, I’m also taking commissions as always !

I now take this time to wish you all safe and well 

I wish you all the best