I use a variety of drawing mediums  , from coloured pencils, charcoal, ink, graphite and even chalks in my work, most often i use several together  in a piece.

Alone in a crowd 


Colour pencil and ink on 200gsm acid free paper

One of the signed of falling into deprecation is that feeling of being alone, isolated, so say even if you are within a courted room, it can be noticed in many public areas when you look closely.



Colourful Emotion

Second in the series, 

Size is 68.58/73.66cm colour pencil and ink on paper,

those who live with mental health issues should find comfort that we can all experience similar feelings and emotions even with strangers we see in our day to day life.   Colours are for showing emotions should be nothing to hide, but can be celebrated together



Baring souls to all

Size 58.42/83.82cm

All of humanity can relate to each other with thought. The thought of colour representing our emotions, feeling however not always at the same time. Where we become unique but our relationships of thought relations are always there,


Clear rose


Ink and chalk on 200gsm paper



Octopus in the dark


Ink and colour pencil on 250gsm paper


Emotional ties

Size : 40.64/58.42cm

Ink on 250gsm paper

The emotional ties we make during a relationship and there after, for what was once love that will always have the connection with there past 

Come into the light

Size : 59.4/42cm 

Graphite on 200gsm paper

A Middle Eastern Jesus Christ praying, a more true depiction of Christ



Old man sleeping

size: 21/29cm

graphite on paper