Paintings gallery

 All paintings I create are from my imagination like most drawing work, inspired by thought and feelings from myself and others, I predominately paint in acrylic, and make traditional gesso and acyclic gesso mixed in between layers on 11 oz canvas that is hand stretched, my frames are also 3.5cm thick and built by a local carpenter to specification. Other choice of surface I like to paint on is board, 

for this I use cradled birch wood panels at 1.5cm deep edge and are primed the same way as canvas 

The Boys Guardian

Size 58.42/83.82cm

Acyclic on board

A young boy who is lost without his mother, yet his mother tries to guide him as she did before


One mans hope 

Size 120/100/4cm

Acyclic on canvas 

Hope comes in the from of the tears of the past washing over him giving the colours of the rainbow, some man seek riches that are not of wealth just to be the man he was meant to be and not of one others make. Inspired by Black lives matter movement.


Soles connecting 

Size 81/90/3.5 cm

The feeling of when you such someone that you haven’t been able to for some time, coming out of personal darkness into there light and impact on each other the feeling like no other.


Flowers and fruit,


Acyclic on canvas

Where things may be bleak the power of nature seems to embrace Mother Earth intwines.



Holding on to hope 

size : 88.9/50.8/3.5cm, Acrylic on canvas, – For light there needs to be darkness, for every drop of rain somewhere there is a rainbow, for belief there needs to be hope, in our darkest days we seem to hold on to that hope to see us through for all life’s challenges can be overcome.


Magical new beginnings


Acyclic on board 

Magical related on spiritual pathways, living together.



New works coming soon