Here you will find a list of workshops I cover.  There are workshops for all ages and abilities to get those inner creative natures out! There are also workshops that concentrate on improving knowledge within a chosen medium.  Prices are per head which includes materials if required.  Group workshop bookings have a set fee.  There is also an additional charge for travel expenses further than 1 hour from Bristol.

Girl guides produced this work of art doing the team collage workshop

Group Workshops 

These are for groups of more than 4 people and suit all ages and abilities.

Team collage

This activity is has the intention of bringing out the quieter elements.  Participants are brought together with a common goal, in producing a work of art with the use of old magazines, glue etc in a fun and informal environment.  It’s a great way to make new friends and break down barriers. 

Price on inquiry

Team Portraits

This activity is fantastic for art students or other art organizations from moderate to the more experienced 

Groups are put into teams and armed with just large sheet of paper and some charcoal, they are tasked with drawing their fellow team members.  This is a timed session and once the time is up, the group swaps around so another artist works over the top of the same picture. This can turn out fantastic and can be a lot of fun! 

 Price on inquiry 

Individuals and Groups (1+ participants)

No brushes no problem! (intermediate) all ages

This workshop is designed to show how you can create acrylic art using just cloths, rags, sponges etc, using textures and surfaces to great affect. 

please inquire for prices

The Power of Drawing with Ink (beginners) from age 12+

This workshop is designed to show how you can create fantastic work by just using a small brush, black ink and some water, it teaches tonal value and depth with minimal supplies 

please inquire for prices

Can’t find what you are looking for?  Contact me and I will see if I can accommodate you